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12 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Selling 🏡

Jon Tetrault, SRS, ABR

Featured on HGTV's Beachfront Bargain Hunt and HGTV's Lakefront Bargain Hunt Renovation - Jon Tetrault has been a full time realtor with Slocum Realty...

Featured on HGTV's Beachfront Bargain Hunt and HGTV's Lakefront Bargain Hunt Renovation - Jon Tetrault has been a full time realtor with Slocum Realty...

Sep 24 5 minutes read

The greatest month for selling your property has arrived, and it's time to buckle down and prepare for the photos 📸 and buyer tours.  So what should you be focusing on as you prepare your home for sale?

1.   Scrub all of the nooks and crannies 

When buyers come through the property, it is critical to have every inch of the house look as clean as possible.  Not only does a clean house look better, a dirty house also gives the impression of poor maintenance and upkeep.

2.  Eliminate clutter

Less is more when it comes to clutter around the house.  Whatever is just lying around out of place should find a new home when it comes time for showings.  The less clutter there is, the larger and more open a space will appear to buyers looking at both photos and in person for showings.

3.  Organize your closets

One thing that is often times overlooked by sellers in preparation, however is very important to today's buyers, is storage and closet space.  Organize your closets as best as you can, to give buyers the impression that they will have plenty of room for their clothes, shoes, and accessories.

4.  Time to finish that honey-do list 📝

We all have it, that honey-do list that is continually pushed off.  It's time to go item by item and ✔️check off those small projects around the house.  Those little things will all add up and improve the overall appearance and functionality of the property.

5.  Neutral colors 🖌

If you have any rooms or accent walls with a dark or unusual color, it's time to paint over that with a neutral color such as white, tan, or gray.  Not only are these neutral and appealing to more buyers, they will also help the space feel more bright and open.

6.  Curb appeal

Curb appeal is essential to how a buyer views a property for sale.  Take a look at the lawn, and the plants 🌳 in the front of the house.  Also assess those often overlooked details such as the numbers on the house, and the condition of your mailbox. 📬  Lastly take a look at the front door, and determine if it's time for a fresh coat of paint 🚪

7.  Give each room a purpose

If your dining room table is pushed against the wall with several other items in the room, it may be hard to define what that space actually is.  Be sure that each room is staged in a way to identify it's intended purpose.

8.  Highlight special features with focal points

Take advantage of those special features your property has by creating focal points.  If you have a beautiful mantle, be sure to draw attention to it in order to guarantee each buyers eye is drawn there 👀

9.  Make the indoor and outdoor spaces flow

🌻Utilizing flowers and potted plants to bring the outdoors inside will help the flow of the home from outdoors right on in to the interior living space.

10.  Eliminate any lingering smells or odors

After a long winter, open up those windows and air out the house.  Pets and so much more can cause lingering odors in a house, so open those windows to air things out.  In addition fresh flowers are a great way to add a fresh scent of the outdoors.

11.  Let there be light ☀️

Light is so crucial to how a space is viewed by buyers in both photos and in person.  The best light is natural light, so be sure your windows are free and clear to allow as much natural light as possible.  In addition, be sure all light bulbs are working, and add lamps to dark corners 💡

12.  Bake something before showings 🍪🥧

It is so important for buyers to feel at home when they first walk into a property.  One of the best ways to accomplish that is by greeting them with the smell of freshly baked cookies or a freshly baked pie.  

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