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The Top 5 Things To Know About Open Houses πŸšͺ

Jon Tetrault, SRS, ABR

Featured on HGTV's Beachfront Bargain Hunt and HGTV's Lakefront Bargain Hunt Renovation - Jon Tetrault has been a full time realtor with Slocum Realty...

Featured on HGTV's Beachfront Bargain Hunt and HGTV's Lakefront Bargain Hunt Renovation - Jon Tetrault has been a full time realtor with Slocum Realty...

Feb 8 4 minutes read

Once you're ready to begin your home search, one great way to cover a lot of ground and view several houses quickly, is attending open houses on the weekend.  It is important to be educated prior to attending these open houses so that they are handled properly and put you in the greatest position going forward.

1.  Always Have Our Cards on Hand

As soon as you walk in the door of the open house, the seller's agent is going to introduce themselves and begin to ask you questions.  Each open house will also have a sign in sheet for them to keep track of attendees for the seller.  You can simply hand the sellers representative our card and/or sign in with our name and phone number.  That way, they will follow up with directly with us, rather than bombarding you with calls and emails in the coming days πŸ“£ 

2.  Remember Your Priority List πŸ“

When viewing several homes in a day or even a weekend, it can become challenging to remember each one.  We like to recommend clients always keep 1 home at the top of their list.  That way, you're only ever comparing the home that your viewing with the home that's at the top of your list.  

When leaving an open house, think to yourself, does this knock the one off the top?  If so, is it #1️⃣?  If it does not supplant your #1️⃣, don't worry about trying to remember it, as it is not the house for you.  You'll know the right one when you find it.

3.  Have a Good Poker Face

If you are attending an open house and you think it may be the one for you, always remember to keep a good poker face.  You don't want to reveal to the seller's representative how much you love the house, as that could bring a disadvantage when it comes time to negotiate.


4.  Gauge Activity 

If you like the house and think it is a contender, stick around for a while and try to casually gauge the activity.  Are you the only one there over a 45 minute period?  If so, that could be a good sign for you from a competition standpoint.  If there is a steady stream of buyers going in and the house is full of what appears to be interested parties, that likely indicates we would have to be more aggressive and competitive with any potential offer.

5.  Report Back With An Update πŸ“ž

When you are done making the rounds of all the day's open houses, we'd love to hear how you made out.  If there is one in particular that you are interested in, and you would like us to see it as well, we can get right to scheduling that second viewing together.  If you know it is the one, and it had a lot of activity, we can run a market analysis for you and begin composing our offer.  

🏑 Open houses are a great way to casually view homes that are of interest to you, but remember we are always available if you have any questions at all throughout your travels or if you'd like to book private showings on homes that aren't offering open houses.  Especially in a hot market like the one we're in now, don't wait for them to have an open house if it looks at all like it might be of interest when looking at it online.

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