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Should you buy or sell first
when you're trying to do both at the same time?

Are you looking to move up or down?  When you need to buy and sell at the same time, the common question is which comes first?  Most people in your position initially say that they would like to find their new home prior to selling their current home.  After learning about the process and the pros and cons that go with it, most then decide that it is in their best interest to sell their current home first.  Allow us to guide you through this process as we've been able to successfully help countless clients navigate this process.  

I think I should find something before putting my house on the market

This is a common thought and totally understandable.  However, in a seller's market like we are currently in, it can oftentimes be challenging to get a seller to accept your offer when you still need to list and sell your current property.  There is a big difference between an offer that is subject to a home that is already under contract closing, and a home that is not even listed on the market yet.  If you were that seller, which would you choose?

What if my house sells quickly, and then I cannot find something to buy?

This is a common concern, and fortunately there is a way to keep you protected in this situation.   We can make all buyers who come to view your property aware that the entire sale is subject to you finding suitable housing.  In fact, there is even a form (see below) to keep you protected that identifies a certain time frame that both parties agree to for you to find a new home.  If during that time you are unable to find a new home, everyone can be released from the agreement, and you can stay where you are.   If both parties agree to extend and allow you more time to keep searching, that is a great option as well.

Listing your home subject to you find suitable housing will make you as strong of a buyer as possible, while keeping you protected while you continue to search for your next home.


Where to begin

1.  It is always best for us to sit down at your current home for a quick tour, and to see all of the wonderful things that your property has to offer.  From there we can discuss where your home should be priced in this market.  Having that information will allow us to run an estimate of net proceeds, which can tell you approximately how much you can expect to walk away with, and how much you'll have to put down on a new home.

2.  Preparing for sale  could take some time, which is another reason why it is best in this market to have the home on the market and ideally in agreement with a buyer prior to finding a new home.  Before we go live on the market, we'll need to walk you through any necessary preparations at the house, whether that be curb appeal, paint touch ups, or simply decluttering.  Once the house is photo ready, it usually takes about a little under a week to have professional photos done and all marketing materials prepared.

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