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Our Promise To You

Our safety is our #1 concern for ourselves, our clients, our agents and our community

Because we care

Given everything we've learned as a society and a company in the past year, we want to continue to do our due diligence and come to your listing and showing appointments as prepared as possible. 

What does this mean?

Face masks

You've seen Slocum Real Estate and Insurance and Nick Slocum Team have a new look as of 2021. We're here to not only stay safe with our new facemasks & gators, but we want to show off the new branding, too!

Our agent, Eric, is wearing his to keep his clients safe during their appointment with him.


Hand Sanitizer and Cleaning supplies

We know you've cleaned your house from top to bottom to prep for us to arrive at the listing or showing appointment. Your home is stunning! 

We take extra precautions by bringing along these supplies to wipe down any surfaces touched and we sanitize our hands upon arrival into your home.


The health and safety of you and your family is our Top Priority.  Our goal, during this crucial time, is to provide you with the tools you need to limit your exposure while choosing a home to buy or putting your home on the market to sell.  We do all of this while continuing to provide the Five Star service we are known to give.

Here is how we do it...

What do we ask of you? 


We love pets and most of us have dogs as well!
With that being said, if you know your pet or pets get protective of you, your home, or anxious around new people, we ask that you take precautions and have your dog(s) elsewhere to avoid them getting too stressed.



Listen, we wear them all day, too, but since we're going to be within 6 feet of each other during your listing or showing appointment, we ask that you keep your agent(s) and their families as safe as possible by wearing a mask. Depending on the purpose of the appointment, the length of time we'll be together can vary anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple of hours.  


Please know, all these precautions are designed to live within the guidelines and limitations 
developed by our association and other experts with the goal to keep everyone safe.  

If there’s anything else that our associates can do to help make you more comfortable, 
please just share that with us before the appointment and we’ll do everything possible to help.  

Our goal at Slocum is always to make everyone's experience the best and safest experience possible.

What Slocum Means

We’re a third-generation company and lifelong residents of Rhode Island.

Some of us have the name Slocum, but over the years the name has taken on a meaning beyond a family name as we’ve grown. 

Slocum means having a pro on your side who genuinely cares about your situation and your result. It means taking the extra step, going out of our way to help. Slocum means to mentor, protector, and friend. 

It means showing up when it’s time to work, and responding even when it’s not. Slocum means no tiered service based on price points. We treat every customer like gold and every home as a castle. High-quality goods are durable and long-lasting. 

Slocum service was built in this way. 

Built to last. Built for you. Count on it. 

That’s Slocum.

We're Here When You Need Us

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